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Whatever the occasion, enlisting the services of a Professional Toastmaster can only serve to enhance the event and bring extra class to the Celebration;
Wedding receptions of practically every culture
Corporate Dinners and Dinner Dances
Themed Banquets and Gala Balls
Masonic Ladies Festivals and Receptions
Rotary Club and Round Table Functions
Birthday Parties, Bar mitzvah and Anniversaries
Cocktail Parties, Civic Lunches and Banquets
Award Ceremonies and Conferences
Official Openings or Product Launches


Meeting and greeting your family and guests, guiding them and being on hand to assist in any way I can with directions and any questions they may have
Working with your catering staff to ensure drinks are ready for all who require them
Assisting your photographer and videographer with timings, as well as giving them the nod prior to any potential key moments
Working with your event and catering staff to ensure the wedding breakfast runs as smoothly as possible
Guiding your guests to the table plans so they’re prepared for the start of the  wedding breakfast
Organise the receiving line (if required)
Calling your guests to the wedding breakfast and reminding them of table plans if not already seen)
Informing your guests what is expected of them upon announcement of the wedding party
Announcing the arrival of the bride and bridegroom at the wedding breakfast as well as leading them in
If required say grace or announce a guest to do so
Announcing to all as to how and when they should collect their food, if there is a buffet
Insuring that if there’s a guest book that it is circulated around all the tables and that, if provided, table cameras are used
Making sure that all who are to speak are ready and prepared
Announce the wedding speeches
Ensure any gifts and flowers are placed where they can be easily handed out by whoever is to do so
Announcing the cutting of the cake and guide the bride and bridegroom through it
Announcing and coordinating the throwing of the bouquet
Coordinate any games that may be played
Make any further announcements with respect to the guest book (if applicable) or to any other amusements that your guests can take part in, such as a photo booth
Once the meal is over, announce the departure of the Bride and Bridegroom from the wedding breakfast and at this time give out any announcements with respect to any room “change around”. Then lead the Bride and Bridegroom out.
Depending on if or when there is a first dance, he can be on hand to make any final announcements and to ensure all guests are informed.
Once all is set for the dancing and further festivities, he will announce the return of the guests and the happy couple’s first dance. At this point he would then hand over to the DJ or band as that would then conclude his normal run of duties
while all the above is taking place, he is be on constant duty, liaising with all those behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly so that the client truly has the best day of their lives


It has become clear that many brides need a helping hand to guide them through the arrangements on their Wedding Day. The wedding industry is a minefield of suppliers and products.  Each wedding is unique to each individual bride.

The services I give are not like a Wedding Planner but a Wedding Consultant.  Giving you the opportunity to spend a few hours discussing with me what your hopes and dreams are for your big day.  As for myself,   I can give you ideas that I have seen and experienced over the last 26 years being a Professional Toastmaster.

So after the consultancy you will be clearer on what you want, what you need and how the day will run.   I can also give you recommendations of other suppliers and services you may be interested in.

The Consultancy Service,is separate to my services of a Professional Toastmaster.   Or why not combine both services together, to make certain of a complete day where you can relax with family and friends.

Military Wedding at Cafe Royal London

Your Wedding Your Way